5 Decorating Trends That Will Be Abandoned In 2017

New year started it all with new things include home decor trends for 2017. You may be curious to greet him with a new desire, including the desire for new decorations in the house. Before choosing room decor this year, let us examine what is be left in the past year because you definitely do not want to replace the concept of space with decor that it will be obsolete in the next year. The following 5 decorating trends that will be abandoned in 2017, you should know!

Industrial Decor

industrial home interior designs

Industrial design concept is the room decor is not chosen in the next year. People will turn to a more modern design and leave industrial style such as factory or more modern decor.

industrial dining room design


shiplap wood bedroom wall

Shiplap decoration or decoration that puts elements of wooden boards practically outdated in the next year. Although this style is still showing the concept rustic which demand a lot of people, but in the next year is predicted people will switch from this decoration.

shiplap interior decor ideas

Acrylic Furniture

acrylic rack storage ideas

Furniture made from acrylic material (plastic material that resembles glass) will not become a trend in the next year. People tend to choose furniture with materials that are more dense and certainly not of acrylic.

acrylic coffee table furniture

Open Floor Plans

open floor plan homes

Open space concept that are predicted to be abandoned by the people in the next year. Because the room with an open concept creates an impression a cluttered room without a clear partition. The rooms were too open also tended to be noisy due to a variety of sounds more easily spread across the room.

farmhouse with open floor plan concept

Colorful Decor

colorful living room decor ideas

Colorful decor trends will abandoned people. They will begin using neutral colors and clean for walls and furniture. Colorful paint also gives an impression a hot and uncomfortable if used too much.

colorful interior decoration

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