December 1, 2022

20 Colorful Window Frame Ideas That Room Make Bright


Not only does it function as a room sweetener or view outside the room, window and door frames can make your home look more cheerful. One way is to add a combination of different colored paints. It’s a creative idea to add a touch that adds appeal to any interior style.

Every house must have a window that serves as access for the entry and exit of air and light from outside. The window of this house is usually equipped with a frame as a place to place the window, whether it is rectangular, square, or curved, the frame cannot be separated from your window design.

With a little color, the frame can actually give a different touch to the interior and exterior design of the house. Frames can be a special attraction if you add the right paint, and daring to be different with flashy colors will make the room come alive. Here are tips and ideas for window frame colors that you should try.


Window frames with bold colors

If the room at home feels boring and ordinary, maybe you can add a bold color to the window frame. This touch of color is not only striking, but also uplifting with bright colors. For example, white walls will look bright if you add yellow or orange, green to make the room feel fresh, and other bold colors that suit you. Basically this frame color idea gives a different look to the interior.


Window frames and muted colors

For a minimalist interior, you can apply calm colors to your home. This color choice usually consists of blue, black, or brown wood shades. Although it doesn’t seem flashy, this idea is perfect for those of you who like a simple, understated, and calming interior look. Complete with houseplants or furniture that supports your personality.


Other Color Ideas For Window Frames

Any color idea is actually suitable to be applied to the window frame. If you like a feminine style, you can even choose pink or light blue paint to make the room look even more adorable. Some natural colors like green or brown can be combined with nature-inspired interiors such as open spaces or filled with greenery.

Find more of your favorite window frame color ideas below!

















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