How To Updating Bedroom That Feel Cozy


Updating the bedroom with something new is always fun. And if you like simple and comfortable designs, find inspiration on how to turn them into a quiet room to relax in. When the day has faced a non-stop routine, it’s time to rest your body and mind in bed. If you currently have plans to move to a new place or just want a change in your home like this bedroom, here are seven tips to get you started.

Give it a neutral paint feel

The easiest way to change the atmosphere of a room is to change the wall paint. However, choosing the wrong paint can actually make the room feel cramped. Try to use a neutral color paint to avoid clutter like the existing white wall color. Now you just have to think about what nuances you want to create in this bedroom. White paint also makes the bedroom feel calm and airy.


Simple and open storage

If the bedroom is small and does not have a built-in wardrobe, then the first thing you should do is think about storage. Make a storage area as simple as possible that doesn’t take up much space, if necessary, use a practical open wardrobe to store all your necessities.


Dressing room with curtains

Actually, curtains have many other uses for bedrooms, apart from being window coverings, curtains can also be used to provide privacy in a room or divide a room in the house. Like this bedroom curtain which separates the dressing room in a very efficient way.


Warm and soft lighting

Adding as much texture as possible to a room has proven to be effective at making the room feel comfortable. From carpets, hanging decorations, to lighting that creates a warm and soft feel. Lights that hang low and not in the center of the room not only attract attention but also provide extra lighting.


Organizing and selecting furniture

Furnishings are the key to getting a comfortable sleeping atmosphere. You want to put it in the center of the room? Under the window? or in the corner of the room? My advice, put the furniture in your favor where it can function effectively. For example, place the bed slightly away from the window to avoid glare, while you can build a workspace in this area.


Beautify your bed with fun textiles

White sheets may often be the first choice. However, a bedroom with an open concept can be combined with gray. In addition, comfort must also be considered because you can not choose textile materials carelessly. Make sure the textiles are able to protect yourself from the cold and stay cool in hot weather.


Bedside table for the final touch

Can be a place to store your favorite books before going to bed, or a place to put a glass of water to put your cellphone. The bedside table is the finishing touch that is always needed.


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