November 30, 2022

20 Ways To Decorate Your Room With IKEA Ranarp Lamp


IKEA is one of my favorite furniture brands. As we all know, every product always features a minimalist, modern, Scandinavian, Nordic, and many others designs. If we know that IKEA always releases furniture products, it turns out that they also complete their collection with a choice of lamps that are no less charming. This time I want to bring to your attention Ranarp lamp from IKEA and how to use it to beautify a room. Ranarp lamp design has a traditional retro style that fits into any space. This collection consists of several versions that you can customize, there are chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps, and super trendy table lamps.

This entire collection of Ranarp lamps is adjustable in height or length, and if that’s still not enough for you, you can always hack it up or combine it with other IKEA furniture. Not only are they perfect for many rooms, they are also functional for a variety of needs. They are beautiful as decorations in the living room, as a light at the dining table, or as extra lighting in the workspace. You can easily direct the light where you want it because each part of the lamp arm and head is easy to adjust, which makes it feel practical in any space. Here are some inspirations for using IKEA Ranarp lamps in your room!

Ranarp pendant lamp

Like most retro-style pendant lamp, the IKEA Ranarp lamp is a great choice for displaying this style. You can hang it in the main room such as the living room or dining room which will be the center of attention.





Ranarp floor lamp

Floor lamps don’t just add style to any room. Placing a Ranarp floor lamp into your d├ęcor can also give you extra lighting, such as making it a reading lamp or simply placing it in a dark corner of the room.






Ranarp table lamp

Table lamps are often the main lighting in certain rooms, you can use a Ranarp table lamp for this option. Place it next to your bed or desk for more lighting. A simple and minimalist lamp design will blend with the concept of your room.






Ranarp wall lamp

Apart from being a table lamp, Ranarp lamp can also create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. Place a Ranarp lamp on a bedroom wall or attach it to a headboard with dim lighting. For this idea, you can choose a small type of Ranarp lamp.






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