February 21, 2024

25 Calm And Gorgeous Blue Living Rooms To Inspire


Not only interior designers, even ordinary people love the blue color scheme with this versatile hue. If you’ve ever thought about using blue in interior design, the combination of blue in your home is part of the interior design elements that have true fans. In fact, in recent years the color is much in demand, especially to be a part of the living room d├ęcor.

Bringing blue in the living room is considered to be able to make the room look more beautiful. Blue is a color with a strong character that can create a cool and shady atmosphere for the living room. Thus, you and every guest who comes to the house would feel comfortable with shades of blue that is presented. Blue gives the impression of stability, calm and hope. That’s why blue is the best choice for any space and the living room is no exception.

Blue is very suitable to be combined with bright or neutral colors such as yellow, white and other colors. You can present this color in the form of furniture, carpets, walls, shelves, chair cushions, and much more. This color is also good for small houses or minimalist living room styles.

The combination of blue with other colors

Want the blue living room to look more attractive? You can try combining it with other, more striking colors like yellow or orange. You only need to give shades of blue that you want to highlight with furniture or other accessories that do not attract too much attention. The easiest way is to add a blue accent wall, you can paint the entire living room wall or just one wall as a focal point. The more you play with other colors, the more blue the combination will be in your living room.

vintage -blue-living-rooms

Soothing blue living room

A blue living room can feel comfortable and soothing with the right mix of colors. Try combining blue with neutral colors such as brown, gray, or beige. The color can give the impression of cool and calm into the room.


Luxurious looking blue

Blue can also look glamorous and luxurious if you don’t just focus on the walls. You can make the blue as the basics of color furniture is in the living room. In contrast to the wall, you can choose white to highlight the blue in the color of the furniture. This white wall and blue furniture will produce a combination of a glamorous and luxurious blue color combination.


Fresh blue color

Blue is a muted color that can always make any room look refreshing. Still with the combination of white and blue, you can bring the feel of a beach vacation to the living room with this color combination. You can also add indoor plants or green to make it feel closer to nature.

Here’s our pick of blue room designs to inspire!






















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