8 Cool TV Unit Design In Under The Stairs

Stairs are an important part of a residence because they are a link between the two floors. Not infrequently the remaining area under the stairs is often an alternative space for various purposes, including the family entertainment area. Equipped with a TV and a storage unit designs slick all its parts used to put all kinds of accessories and electronic equipment.

Arranging the empty space under the stairs does require creativity so that you can use it to its full potential. Who would have thought that the place is often neglected can be transformed into a comfortable TV viewing space for the family. Although it sounds easy, there are a few things you need to pay attention to because the area under the stairs has limited land. You have to be smart in choosing goods and furniture so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Today I’ve rounded up eight cool TV unit designs that will help you get the best TV viewing space under the stairs. Let’s check!

1. Simple design with wooden stairs

Minimalist wooden stairs can be combined with a TV unit with a simple concept. You can place a TV sideboard and furniture that is also made of wood. Even though it is in a narrow area, this TV room still looks comfortable for families.


2. Modern TV unit with multifunctional shelf

Instead of just being an area for watching TV, you can add wall shelves to display your various collections. To make it look modern, you can add LED lighting under the shelves.


3. Blends into the living room

The concept of the living room as an entertainment area is often the main choice of many people. And if by chance the living room is right under the stairs, you can add the TV set to add to the entertainment.


4. Charming industrial style

Today, many modern homes apply industrial style to their interiors, including the area under the stairs. A standing lamp, contemporary space and minimalist staircase merge into the TV room.


5. Japanese open space

So far, we are familiar with Japanese interior styles with open spaces, trying to keep the furniture to a minimum. You apply this concept in the TV room under the stairs, especially for those of you who have a limited area.


6. A floating staircase with a minimalist TV room

Many interior designers who make the room really feels minimalist, including choosing the right ladder for the design of a small house. The floating staircase design is not only cool but also the best alternative for narrow areas, you can even build a TV viewing room under it.


7. Contemporary TV room

In addition to a minimalist design, contemporary spaces make any dwelling feel comfortable. Like this gray living room with a TV viewing area that blends with the furniture.


8. Soothing natural feel

Wood is the best material for a cozy and soothing dwelling. Like the design of this wooden staircase, almost all of the interior also uses natural materials. Building a TV room in this area is not only comfortable but also very family friendly.


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