20 Boho Living Space Ideas With Outdoor Rugs


We slowly felt the air getting warm outside the room. That means summer is very near and feel a bit of holiday mood. We all know how everyone misses being outside, boosting mood and making us happy. So creating an outdoor living space is going to be top on the list this year. Take your living room and put it outside, and if you are a lover of boho decor with outdoor rugs, furniture, colorful textiles, here we have put together boho living room ideas that will transform your outdoor space from boring to boho chic.

A boho living room can be built however you want, whether it be on a patio, porch, deck or backyard. There are a variety of easy ways to turn your living room into a bohemian retreat. The hallmark of boho decor is that it can be whimsical and colorful, but it can also have a cool and comfortable look. Plus, there are lots of textures you can work with apart from outdoor rugs which is our main focus today. Various elements, such as Moroccan textiles, bamboo, rattan, potted plants, stone pottery, and many more. Here’s an inspiring boho living room idea with an outdoor rug!


Boho outdoor décor

The boho room has a lot of pattern and texture so it may be a big hit on your budget. If you’re looking to save even more, think about adding a focal point to certain pieces of furniture, for example a rattan chair teamed with new pillows, and some throw pillows. A table can be covered with boho tablecloths, candle holders and flower vases. If you have an outdoor deck, spruce it up with stain or paint finishes, then add a boho-looking outdoor rug to pull the décor together.


Outdoor lighting with boho accents

Boho-inspired lighting isn’t just extra light, it’s also a great way to spice up the outdoors. By choosing the right lighting idea, your outdoor living room will feel really warm and comfortable. The most popular way is to use string lights. These lamps come in many styles, but the most widely used are the Edison string lights. You can hang them either in a tree, lining a deck, or above the pergola. Another idea, use a Moroccan-style lantern for an aesthetic look, or candles to add a romantic touch to the outdoors.

Find more of your favorite boho living room ideas below!


















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