10 DIY Painted Rocks For Kid-friendly Garden


Did you know that gardens should always be kid-friendly? That means creating landscape decorations that are easily loved by children. Today I will invite you with kindness “Stone Words” is something like painted rocks for garden landscapes. Leave a message or art inspired on the rock, while the kids will love this outdoor activity.

If you want to spend the weekend or are confused about what to do with the kids, painted rock garden should be next on your list. Amazingly, this whole decoration is just a DIY project which makes it relatively easy and inexpensive. Create your favorite rock landscape paintings or create a fun playground with your child. Nowadays you can paint using a variety of markers or good colored paints, and make sure they don’t smudge. Get inspired!

1. Flower rocks

Create beautiful flower garden ideas with creative painted rock. Provide a special area for a flower garden, and shape it like a flower with colorful rock paintings.


2. Tic Tac Toe garden

A simple game outdoors will make your little one lose track of time. Like this tic tac toe garden that uses rock paintings and natural wood pieces.


3. Painted rock pathway

Do not let children get lost in the garden or step on plants. You can create garden paths from rock paintings along the garden.


4. Garden markers

Invite children to get to know different types of flowers and plants in a fun way. To make it easier for them to learn, you can paint stones as markers of various types of plants.


5. Painted rock projects

A simple rock painting project will be great for exercising children’s creativity. Let the children make their own rock paintings to be used as a garden ornament.


6. Ladybug garden

Who doesn’t love these adorable little animals in the garden? Ladybug rock painting is one of our favorites for beautifying the garden.


7. Hello garden

You can apply this rock painting idea at the front door or before entering the garden area. Hello garden is a beautiful rock painting that will welcome anyone to have fun outdoors.


8. Fairytale garden

If your home garden is small, you can work around this by creating a fairy tale garden that won’t take up much space. Create beautiful fairy tales in your small garden or as decorations for an outdoor corner.


9. Animal rock garden

Kids world is a world full of adventure. To attract their attention, you can make a rock painting in the form of a cute and adorable animal.



10. Cactus rock garden

In addition to the flower-shaped rock paintings, some types of stone suitable also painted into a cactus. Choose a flat, slightly oval rock shape and create your own cactus garden.



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