December 4, 2023

20 Small Garden Decking With Outdoor Living Space


For those who live in small homes, space is something that truly feels precious. And if you are lucky enough to have a little space in your garden or backyard, you should make the most of it. When you decide you want to build an outdoor entertainment zone, do you think a park is more than enough? Ideally we want an area that works in almost any weather condition and we can do anything in this area from cooking to hosting guests

It’s like an extension of the house, and a garden deck is the best option that starts at the back door and extends around the landscaped part of the garden. Garden decking gives you a practical solution to display a natural impression without changing the entire existing garden design. They are a great addition for a variety of purposes. Do you just want a little touch of wood material? Using it as a family area? Outdoor kitchen or living room with a refreshing natural feel? I am lucky enough to have a few meters of outdoor area that can be used to enjoy weekends and holidays with family. So, here are some of my favorite outdoor garden and living room decking inspirations.


From a practical point of view, the deck is easier to apply for outdoor decoration. However, you still need to choose a good wood material that can last a long time in all weather conditions. A good wooden deck will make it easier for you in terms of maintenance because they are not easily mossy which results in slippery floors. That’s why you need some construction services or exterior designer for the best outdoor deck solution.

You can build a deck for almost the entire garden or just a part of it. Put chairs, benches, tables and other accessories that support your comfort. If you plan to use this area until the evening, don’t forget to put some lighting such as garden lights to string lights to beautify the overall decoration of your outdoor deck.

Here are 20 small decking gardens and outdoor living space to inspire you!



















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