Steps | Outdoor Concrete Armchairs For Enjoyed All Ages

This outdoor concrete armchairs really gives pleasure to the public and can be enjoyed by all ages. Steps is another awesome product by London-based design studio, Raw Edges consisting of three different carvings: small, medium and large arranged together from a pleasant little urban landscape. Inspired by the search for the resting places in the city, certainly easier for us all to find a place to relax that is designed to be a chair like stairs, curb or a low brick wall.

Raw Edges saw that the public also needed a comfortable resting place in the midst of their daily activities to find an ideal resting position, such as students at lunch break, a group of workers who needed fresh air or a group of friends who just wanted to sit on the sidewalk, so the idea emerged this small city landscape made of concrete unit clusters. Each unit is shaped like a chair households increased, and can be arranged together with their different heights. This public chair creates an urban texture that invites everyone to step, climb and relax.








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