10 Inspiring Indoor Cactus Plants That Easy

The presence of plants in the room always makes the atmosphere fresher, but placing plants indoors is not as easy as you think. It seems like living things, plants also need care, need enough sunlight, fertilizing, and much more. But you don’t need to worry if you don’t have time to care for plants, you can choose easy types of plants such as cacti.

Cactus is a type of plant that is not too difficult to care for, it also does not require a lot of water and intense sunlight. So, add as home decoration is the best choice for those who want a more residential look beautiful and cool. Here I’ve put together 10 inspiring and easy indoor cactus plants to decorate at home. Let’s check it out!

1. Beautify the corner of the room

Change the corner of your empty room to be more beautiful with cactus plants. Arrange a shelf of plants or place a few cactus pots for a more dynamic look. You can also add a theme to the decor such as adding a wicker basket or vintage items.


2. Sweet decoration on the window

Windows are the best area for growing any plant including cacti. This area is usually empty, when the window often gets more sunshine than any room. Decorate your window with beautiful cactus decorations, choose the type of cactus that is small so that it can be placed on the edge or edge of the window.


3. Cactus for kitchen decoration

Don’t get me wrong, the kitchen can also be made more beautiful with ornamental plants, and one of them is using a cactus. In addition to your kitchen will be more interesting, more fun cooking time also with the presence of these mini plants.


4. Kids wallpaper with a cactus theme

If you want to put cacti into a kids room, you should avoid placing native plants. But if you still insist, you can try adding a wallpaper wall in the kids room. Besides being safe, this cactus wallpaper will make the children’s room appear cheerful.


5. Mini cactus on the work desk

Every job needs inspiration and rest. Place the mini cactus at your desk to help you concentrate and a little stress relief. This herb will briefly shift your focus, and will recharge your spirits when you are ready.


6. Cactus in the dining room

Beautify your dining room with cactus plants that will break the ice. For this room, choose a large type of cactus that can steal a visual point in the room. Your dining atmosphere feels more fun with this plant.


7. Dining table decoration

Place the cactus as a dining table decoration. Wooden furniture such as tables and chairs look beautiful with a green cactus on it. Your dining table will feel more comfortable with natural elements on it, of course, make the dining atmosphere feel warmer.


8. Bedside table

Best area to place the plant is in the bedroom, and a cactus plant in the bedside table will do a good job. Pair it with table lamps or other decorations to enhance your appearance.


9. Cactus as part of the display

If you are someone who likes collections and has a special wardrobe to show off your collection items. Try adding a cactus as part of your look. The green impression and the unique cactus shape will make your display cabinet more attractive.


10. Cactus for the living room

The living room is the first area where people will look at your house. So, don’t forget to add cacti in this area. A Scandinavian-style living room is highly recommended, but you can also combine it with other styles that go well with cactus plants.


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