February 23, 2024

20 Fresh Room Extension Ideas With Greenery


Small areas can become extraordinary by adding an extension to the room. Not only serves to provide additional space in the house, this extension of the room also serves to meet the needs and functions of rooms such as living room, sunroom, dining room, and many more. Glass walls and roofs are often the choice of many people when they want to extend their home. This method is indeed more efficient than you have to make a new building at no small cost.

It turns out that this tiny room can also be made refreshing by placing lots of green plants. Plants and flowers will make even the smallest space more lively, fresh and inviting. If you think the extension of the space is too limited to add lots of plants because it is often lacking space, but room extension with an open concept provides natural sunlight and good air circulation for green plants.

If you are creative enough to arrange the plants well and also according to the type of indoor plants, an extension of the space can be very attractive with its greenery. Here are some space extension inspirations to freshen up your tiny space!


Room extension with greenery

Think about large plants like ferns or tropical types that will shade your extension when the sun gets too hot. Place large plants in several corners to make the space feel shady while also making a statement the way you want it. Do you like a tropical, modern, or even rustic look? Bring green and beautiful elements to the space extension. A great idea is a hanging plant, or it could be an air plant that doesn’t require much maintenance. They are great as part of a room extension decor and don’t take up much of your time. Simply hang them in a place exposed to direct sunlight by sprinkling water occasionally. Green plants liven up your small space, especially an extension of space where everything is limited.









Green room extension decoration

Green space extensions are all about flowers, plants, and connecting to the outdoors. Think of the plants that best fit your space concept, statement pieces always to the point. Some extensions of space can serve as sunrooms, and adding holiday accents really makes anyone feel relaxed. Hang planters with greenery and place them around sitting areas or in corners of the room for an outdoor-like experience. The right choice of plants, furniture, and other natural elements will make your extension look stunning, find more ideas below!











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