Modular Slope House With Open Living Space


Modular House on a sloop is a young couple’s rural residence located in Sosnovo, Russia. Designed by Bio-Architects, this plot is on a slope suggesting unconventional solutions for home location and landscape design. The original idea was to create an open but functional living space. This young family wanted to spend as much time outdoors with the kids as possible, creating an appeal to be at one with nature without the comfort and functionality.

In construction, a large terrace appears around the house, which is pleasant to walk barefoot, a pergola creates bright shade on hot days for family meals, a summer kitchen for cozy outdoor cooking and a campfire area for romantic dinners. Almost the entire house uses glass to frame the panorama, the bonfire in the fireplace and natural materials unites the two worlds, the north enters the house, and the house presents a deep “hygge”.


The house located in the depths of this plot is divided into two parts, the public front with summer kitchen and the private area with font close to the forest. The front verandah faces the square and is oriented to the south. In winter, the sun warms the whole house, and in summer the roof of the veranda creates great shade and a comfortable microclimate in the house and on the veranda. At the back there is a bedroom, oriented towards the forest. A large panoramic window in the master bedroom opens up views to the private part of the site as well as the trees.

The house’s unusual location and high location make it possible to create a large storage area under the house. The strong cantilever arm at the top creates the visual effect of the construction breaking off the ground. The difference in height adds to the impression of a house built on trees, and is visible from the windows and side terraces. The site plays an unusual multi-level role, this project is realized by the use of simple and eco-friendly materials including wood, glass and metal. The finish of the house is made of solid pine wood, the outer fence is made of wood and metal wires, the profiled metal rests on the roof, the foundation and supporting construction are made of metal.







All glass sections harmoniously connect the interior of the house and the natural surroundings. The interior is designed in a light, rustic style. The house is filled with wooden furniture, laced textiles, wicker baskets, antiques and the work of artists from St. Petersburg.







The “DublDom” modular technology enables fast project implementation. Landscaping work on site was carried out along with foundation views. Meanwhile, the house is manufactured in a warm manufacturing facility. In early spring, the house modules are brought to the site and installed there until all construction work is complete. As a result, homeowners can concentrate more on landscape design, interior and décor details, making themselves the most enjoyable part and not being distracted by any construction issues.






Photography: Sergey Melnikov

Desgner: Bio-Architects

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