December 10, 2022

30 Coolest Aquascape Design That Looks Like Real

Many are still confused about Aquascape, in fact I am sure you are still many of you think that Aquascape is the same as an aquarium. Lately I really like this hobby, although it’s not as popular as other hobbies but there is a wonderful feeling when I can create Aquascape design that I want. Aquascape does require thought and imagination in the making, it’s not just you lay underwater plants, rocks, sand or wood, but also demanding aesthetics, precision and patience. So, Aquascape can be said as the art of decorating landscapes in an aquarium or fish tank.

If you are getting interested or even have your own Aquascape but are always not confident with what you have made, today I will share the most Aquascape designs shared on Pinterest. Starting from a simple aquascape to use the media him in an aquarium and actually plant aquatic plants there. Aquascape it is interesting for us not only to keep the fish but also maintain all the components in the aquarium. If you like gardening but also like keeping fish, then Aquascape is a practical solution for you. Although Aquascape and Aquarium have the same concept because they are both in a glass box, Aquascape focuses more on the aesthetics and overall beauty of the aquarium and fish only as decoration.






























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