20 Incredible Subway Stations Around The World

Georg Brauchle Ring metro station

Subway station is not only intended for transit passengers from one place to another, here is a place for people to visit on a daily bases. Because the purpose and location of subway stations as a place where many people come in droves, eventually building serves more than mere practical purpose. Place this architecture can be a remarkable place to show the richness of culture in a country or city, subway stations could be a great art exhibition space.

This subway will give passengers an amazing experience when pausing and resuming the journey back in time. Walking through the space, or the long corridor decorated with beautiful chandelier, modern architectural art, reliefs wall and ornaments of another tremendous decade. Look at 20 incredible subway stations around the world to inspire your holiday!

Universidad de Chile station


Tunnel Trompe L ‘Oeil station


toledo metro station naples italy


The Stockholm subway system


The Stockholm Metro system Sweden


subway station in Kazakhstan


stockholm metro station design


Shanghai metro station design


Shanghai bund sightseeing tunnel guide


olaias metro station in lisbon


Moscow metro station design


Metro de Santiago station Chille


komsomolskaya station design in moscow


Dubai’s Khalid Bin Al Waleed metro station


Kaohsiung metro station Taiwan


Avtovo station of Saint Petersburg Subway


astor place station in new york


The Munich subway system


Alisher Navoi metro station design

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