12 Best And Easy-To-Grow Aquascape Plants For Beginners

Now Aquascape has become a fun new hobby. This is like raising fish, plants and other factors that affect the beauty of the Aquascape itself. Basically, Aquascape is the same as aquarium, but you can also maintain a variety of aquatic plants in it. Talk about the many different types of plants placed in the Aquascape, actually I am still confused determine the best and easiest plants to grow, especially for me who are a beginner. There are many benefits that we get by planting Aquascape plants, in addition to beautifying your Aquascape, these various plants also become a hiding place for fish and make aquarium water always clear.

Aquascape plants have many types, but most of these plants can only grow with the support of CO2, lighting, aquarium temperature, and a certain pH to support the photosynthesis process. If you are interested in this unique hobby but still confused to choose the best Aquascape plants, today I have collected 12 Aquascape plants are easy to grow and suitable for beginners. Want to know what plants? Keep up with our search!

1. Dwarf Baby Tears

Dwarf Baby Tears have the characteristics of small and dense leaves. This aquascape plant has a medium growth rate with a low height, needs high light intensity, but can adapt to medium light conditions.

2.  Hygrophila Difformis

Hygrophila Difformis is also known by another name that is water wisteria, this plant can grow in temperatures of 23-28 degrees Celsius with moderate lighting, the greatness of this plant can survive without CO2.

3. Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword has the shape of a sword. This plant is widely used by beginners as easy care and can live in temperatures of 22-28 degrees Celsius with the help of moderate lighting. Usually this plant is very suitable to be placed in the area behind the Aquascape.

4. Java Moss

Maybe you have often seen Java Moss, this plant is very tough and can survive in any condition. Ideal in water at temperatures of 21-24 degrees Celsius, this plant is very easy to grow for beginners.

5. Anubias Nana

Anubias Nana can be found in the river easily. Aquascape plant can grow up to 15 cm, and they are fit for the aquarium temperature between 22-28 degrees Celsius.

6. Hydrocotyle Leucocephala

First discovered in the Latin American region, Hydrocotyle Leucocephala is an Aquascape plant that grows mostly in ponds and paludrium. This plant habitat is in a wet and swampy place to have a strong endurance.

7. African Water Fern

Although African Water Fern is easy to maintain, this plant really needs high lighting. It is suitable for large-sized Aquascape because of its large shape will meet the habitat of your Aquascape plants.

8. Lilaeopsis

Lilaeopsis is widely used as a carpet because it looks like grass. Easy and fast growing care is the choice for many people who choose this plant.

9. Crinum Calamistratum

Crinum Calamistratum was first discovered in West Africa and has now spread throughout the world. The leaves are dark green, these plants require high light, thirst for CO2 and nutrients. Remarkably, this Aquascape plant has beautiful flowers when they grow up.

10. Bacopa SP Colorata

Bacopa SP Colorata or often called Bacopa pink has a striking appearance among other plants that are green. Giving a beautiful color silhouette in the middle of your Aquascape, this plant also only needs lighting and CO2 that is being cared for.

11. Aponogeton Ulvaceus

Aponogeton Ulvaceus was first discovered in Madagascar, an aquatic plant that goes into Aponogeton species. Has a distinctive leaf shape, this plant can grow up to 60 cm high and is very suitable to be placed on the back of Aquascape.

12. Egeria Densa

Egeria Densa is probably one of the many Aquascape plants that are quite popular. This aquatic plant originates from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Egeria densa usually live clustered so as to produce a gorgeous green expanse.

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