February 26, 2024

10 Best Alternative Of Zoom Backdrops To Work For Home

Currently we are in a really exhausting, where we have to fight against the pandemic Covid-19 and life still have to walk. Of course this has a big impact on all aspects of life especially on our work, fortunately many companies implement a work at home system to do all work activities. We all never thought a few months ago you were still working hand in hand with your team, and now we jump to Zoom video where you have to do virtual meetings and report all activities online.

Maybe for those of you who are familiar with Zoom will not find it difficult, but for those new users, believe me you will need a background that is well organized and attractive so that the virtual meeting atmosphere becomes more pleasant. If you are a professional then you will need a home office as a backdrop, and today I will be a variety of it all. There are many home office backgrounds for those who are creative, and make sure you are ready when you receive a call from your friends. I have collected some home office decorations with a simple background to make your virtual meetings more varied without having to overdo it. Scroll down and find out which of your favorite!

1. Forest Backdrops

2. Simple Geometric Backdrops

3. Pink Calendars

4. Outdoor View Backdrops

5. Home Library And Bookcase

6. Family Album Backdrops

7. Floral Wallpaper

8. Photo Wall Backdrops

9. Brick Paint And Large Window

10. Brick Wall Accents

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