7 Easy Ways To Create Office In Your Home


Today home offices have become very common. Moreover, after yesterday we faced a pandemic that made many companies implement work from home for their employees. It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee or a freelancer, have you ever thought about building a comfortable office at home?

Actually there are many easy ways that you can apply to your dream home office. Of course, the atmosphere of the house will support whatever work you are doing. This can be felt if you have a home office that suits your own needs and desires.

Besides being very helpful in doing work from home, having a home office is also useful for those of you who like to bring office work to your home or have tight deadlines. Like the office in general, the home office is also designed in accordance with the actual office function. There is furniture, lighting, to decorations that make you feel at home even though you are working from home. Here we’ve rounded up 7 easy ways to build a home office that makes work more fun.

1. Office chair


An office chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture for your comfort while working. Choose an office chair design that can support your body well or according to your needs. Such as chairs equipped with backrests, arm supports, or soft materials.

2. Office desk


In addition to chairs, have a work desk as a place where you focus on work. The design of an office desk is slightly different from a regular desk, because this desk is ergonomically designed and practical for a variety of jobs. Office desks are usually equipped with drawers that can be used for storage.

3. Cabinet and rack


For some people the storage area is very important in supporting the work. If your desk is not equipped with a storage area, try using a special cabinet or shelf as an addition. This cabinet or shelf serves to store files, books, and other office equipment.

4. Table lamp


In addition to functioning as lighting on the office desk, table lamps can also make the room more aesthetic. A table lamp will be very helpful when you do work at night, this lighting is indeed important for maintaining eye health while working.

5. Memo board


When we work sometimes we often forget the schedule or the steps that must be completed. That’s why you need to prepare notes to help you remember everything. Memo boards can be a practical solution that you can place on the wall. Use wall wire or boards to display memos, these boards also make a home office look pretty.

6. Houseplants


Bringing houseplants to the home office will make you more focused. The natural shades of green and the beauty of this plant also help in purifying the air. Thus, each job will become more enjoyable. Houseplants can also improve mood and provide inspiration.

7. Decoration


Decorate your home office with room decorations that suit your style. Choose decorations that also provide inspiration and increase creativity at work. For example, you can add themes such as decorative displays, wall hangings, to artificial plants that can refresh the home office.

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