20 Vintage Persian Rug Ideas That Will Timeless In Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen decorating, there will be lots of ideas that we want to include and in the end it makes us confused to determine the right decoration pieces for the dream kitchen. Sometimes I wait a while to show trends, the reason the trends develop very quickly and no matter how many times you have changed the interior, then they will always change throughout the year. I prefer a trend that can last a long time, can even say I love the decor that is timeless, and a Persian carpet is a solution that will enhance your kitchen floor. A mixture of vintage styles and unique motifs makes it able to survive until now, and I love how the Persian rug can give a Bohemian vibe even to modern interiors.

I love how the Persian rug is able to give a vintage vibe with faded cheerful colors. They are part of the history of the old tapestries that are well known throughout the world, and sometimes I think about how they started making this work of art, there is a certain romance and mystery to each tapestry that becomes hand-tied artwork. The more complicated the Persian carpet motif, the more impressed fancy, a good vintage condition, with entirely faded to appeal to every piece of this decoration.

Use them as part of your kitchen, be a nice addition to the farmhouse-style kitchen, minimalist or even modern. Persian carpets are also quite easy to care for because they are lightweight and can be washed manually. I chose the Persian rug because of its old-fashioned rural charm. This gives a warm touch to the kitchen space which is part of the charm of old textiles. Next I have collected the most beautiful parts of Persian kitchen rugs, and this is why you have them at home. Enjoy!




















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