February 26, 2024

The Old Palapye Museum With Red Brick And Glass Exposed

This church building is a combination of modern and traditional, original and industrial designs. Referred to as the Old Palapye Museum renovation that looks like it’s on a different level. Located between heritage sites Palapye in Botswana, at first glance this building looks like a Martian landscape, surrounded by red soil and rocks. In the center of this building, there are the ruins of a burning brick church that was built in 1891, standing majestically within the boundaries of the rich historic site of the 19th century capital city of the Bangwato tribe. Still retaining elements of the local culture, the restoration of the building was transformed into a museum that aims to restore attention to the rich traditions and relics of the Bangwato people.

Rebuilt on top of the ruins of the Palapye church, Beullah Serema was the one who managed to finish it but not replace it. The beautiful contrast between burnt bricks and glass is the boundary between the old and the new, while giving the same emphasis to both. Not to mention the combination of materials and styles that almost make anyone asked, as this is the architectural design on the red planet if they are on earth? Unique museum design and has a high historical value for the surrounding community.




source: yankodesign

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