February 21, 2024

35 Outdoor Kids Playground Ideas With Nature Inspired

In an era of increasingly sophisticated technology as it is now, many kids prefer to play with their smartphone or a video game rather than having to interact with friends of the same age. Of course, this makes many parents worry about the development and mental health of your kids. Basically, every parent wants to give the best for their children, whether it provides good education, an area of play or education that can train children’s creativity. Your best solution is to build an outdoor playground where children can get as close to the natural environment as possible. Natural playgrounds give kids more opportunities to develop themselves and practice their gross motor skills rather than having to keep quiet or play in the house.

Contact with nature is directly believed to have various benefits for kids health, such as increased cognitive function, increased creativity, increased interaction with the surrounding environment, reduced symptoms of hyperactive disorders and makes their bodies more fit. Try making your own playground for kids, could be carried out in the backyard or garden, make sure the area has a lot of trees so that the children are easier to love nature. You can start with simple things like stumps for balance beams or simple hiking trails from wood piles, sandy soil that can be excavated, rocks to climb, and much more. Following this I have collected 35 outdoor kids playground ideas with natural inspiration that are easy and fun for kids. Find more of the most inspiring photos below!

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