February 23, 2024

40 Astonishing Boho Pool Ideas With Exotic Decor

No one is able to refuse to stay by the pool in the summer, this is the best time for you to go out and relax for a moment while enjoying pleasant warm days. If you want to do it and if you happen to be the owner of a swimming pool in your backyard, I am sure sometimes you are still confused to determine the decoration. Today I want to share some ideas that are astonishing, boho-inspired swimming pool which will make you relax more perfect time. Boho space fans gather here, you can create a minimalist boho pool, make stone or concrete spaces, add mosaic tiles, surround your pool with cactus pots, succulent or just a few tropical plants.

Characteristic of a bohemian style lies in the selection of furniture, for which you need to bring out all the bohemian-style furniture to get a decoration. Hang tassel beds, place a few candle lanterns, and pillows inspired by Moroccan blankets. Rattan lamps, rugs, boho artwork, and even antique sofas will add to the boho impression you need. For this reason, the design of the boho pool is usually filled with lots of rocks, cactus and trees that grow around, hammocks above the pool with mosaic decorations at the bottom, statues, natural growing cactus. Below I have gathered 40 incredible boho pool ideas to make summer more memorable. Enjoy!

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