7 Cool Ways To Decorate Your Rooms With Action Figure

Action figure is a hobby that knows no age, even most enthusiasts of action figure collections are adults. From the inexpensive to the most expensive, action figures indeed their own entertainment in the center of our activities and busyness. Action figures themselves are usually in the form of miniatures of various characters from movies, anime, to favorite games. With shapes and details that are similar to the original, of course in mini size, action figures have become a lifestyle and have their own community.

For those of you who have a large collection of action figures, usually you will be happy to show it with style. However, for some reason too many action figures take up a lot of space in the house so they look messy. I’m a fan of action figures, and I thought what if action figures became part of the room? In this post I have collected 7 cool ways to decorate a room with action figures, not only as a storage unit but also as part of the interior.

1. Home office wall

Currently working at home was the coolest thing. And to make your work even more enthusiastic, you can display action figures on the walls of the home office. Create several wall shelves to place the action figures and then adjust them to your work table.


2. Action figure glass cabinet

Instead of just displaying action figures with special boxes, you can make it more efficient by creating cabinets with glass material. Not only does it give you lots of space for collection, but you can store other items here.


3. Action figure room divider

This is one cool way to decorate a room with action figures. A large room with a wall divider from an action figure wardrobe. You can store a variety of collection action while providing privacy to a certain space.


4. Action figure frame wall

If usually the wall frame contains photos or posters, you can make it more attractive with action figures. Just like wall frames in general, you only need to arrange various types of action figures in one frame.


5. Action figure rack wall

In addition to bookshelves and wall frames, action figures can also be part of an interior wall. The idea is very clever action figure storage by utilizing the broad wall. You can save lots of action figures here, besides making the room even cooler.


6. Action figure lamp

In addition to being part of the interior, action figures can also make you more unique furniture such as lamp’s action figure. The top light design is preserved but if we look down, it is a decorated action figure. Very interesting!


7. Action figure TV backdrop

Don’t leave your main entertainment area at home looking empty. The TV area can look more attractive by attaching the action figures in the background. Create a cool action figure shelf and place it around your TV wall!


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