20 Creative DIY Dog Playhouse Ideas For Outdoors


As we know, dogs are said to be man’s best friend and they always make every moment happier for our family. I don’t know what would have happened if we didn’t have dogs, in fact I feel they are not just friends but part of our family. To show our furry friends how much we love them, building more than just a dog house is possible instead of keeping them locked inside.

By nature, dogs are docile, and sometimes they also resemble children who like to play. Trust me, your furry friend will be happier when he lets him outside. Not much different from the idea of a dog house, but this time I want to inspire you with a really creative playhouse design. So, it’s not just a place to nap but an area where your dog can play, dig, climb and do whatever activities they like.

After all, they are like children and you just have to treat them as such. Here are some easy and creative dog playhouse ideas for you to make yourself at home, try it!


Outdoor dog playhouse

Before we start building the dog playhouse, this design incorporates elements of the personality of the dog and its owner to enhance the outdoor area. If you think a doghouse feels normal, try taking it to a new level of fun with a play area. Think of it like a children’s playhouse, the design must also be really safe and comfortable for your dog to use. There are many styles and appearances to suit the size of the land you have. It doesn’t have to be big and look fancy, but make sure your dog has fun with what you want to present. From the tree playhouse, climbing area, to the roof that functions as a bed. Find more inspiration below!










The design adjusts to the needs

An important part that you have to consider when building a doghouse or playhouse is the fact that it has to be suitable for your dog. Try making a slightly larger playhouse that can be used by puppies all the way up to adult dogs. However, don’t get too big because you just need to make sure the dog has enough space when they are inside such as turning around and lying down. There are no design rules for how you should make a dog playhouse, it can look modern, minimalist, rustic, or even sustainable. The key is in the selection of materials to be used. In this case, it is highly recommended to use dog-friendly materials such as wood, blocks or materials with natural elements.










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