10 Boho Backdrop Ideas To Beautify Your Wedding

Wedding is the most memorable moment that should be done once in a lifetime. If you are currently a happy person, then there are a lot of things to think about when you start planning your wedding. Most brides focus more on the gown and the reception room, but it doesn’t take long that you need a wedding backdrop that will capture all the moments in a beautiful way.

Wedding backdrops are very important for almost every wedding party. However, if you also want a festive party with aesthetic accents then a boho backdrop should be in your plans. Not only do they make photoshoots more enjoyable, the boho backdrop adds a warm vibe, earthy neutral textures, and nothing less than a nature-inspired romantic feel.

The question now isn’t whether you should have a wedding background, but these wedding backdrop ideas will help get a bohemian vibe to your wedding.

1. Rattan Furniture


Boho style is always synonymous with ethnic nuanced furniture such as made of bamboo and rattan. For a wedding backdrop, try getting some boho furniture as part of the décor. In addition to hanging macrame, place a chair or wicker basket as a backdrop.

2. Greenery and Curtains


The nature-inspired décor fits the bohemian vibe perfectly. Create a background of green plants combined with minimalist curtains. Use wood as a wedding backdrop, then decorate with vines for a romantic feel.

3. Pastel Color


Want to make a cute and adorable wedding party? The boho vibe doesn’t always have to be neutral or bright, you can even add pastel colors for a bohemian background.

4. Tapestry Backdrop


In addition to macrame and art, the boho style is also synonymous with fabrics and rugs. This is the easiest way to create a wedding backdrop with a bold bohemian accent. In addition to using a rug, decorate the background with greenery or colorful fabrics.

5. Boho Arches Backdrop


Tired of mediocre backgrounds? Maybe the arches backdrop can be a beautiful alternative for your wedding. Curved in shape with an aesthetic boho accent, this simple backdrop idea will make your wedding even more memorable.

6. Wood and Floral


A wooden backdrop will make any wedding idea feel more beautiful. This backdrop is also in keeping with the bohemian principle that emphasizes natural vibes. To make it feel more romantic, decorate it with an attractive bouquet of flowers.

7. Floral Arrangement


If the wood backdrop is more prominent on the wood material, then this time we will try to make a wreath as a focus in decoration. Simple and beautiful in keeping with the boho spirit, this backdrop idea is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

8. Easy and Romantic


The best thing about boho wedding backdrops is that they are really inexpensive and affordable. However, boho backgrounds are no less charming than backgrounds with more expensive models. Amazingly, you can even create your own boho backdrop ideas for weddings.

9. Flower and Burlap


Most boho backdrop are DIY projects that you can make yourself. Utilizing creativity and recycled materials, the combination of garlands and burlap can make for a great wedding backdrop.

10. Exposed Brick Wall


In addition to emphasizing the beautiful boho vibe, you can also use the wall area as part of the wedding backdrop. In this case, exposed brick walls are the best idea to emphasize this style.

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