7 Cool Home Office Ideas For This Ramadan


The month of Ramadan is the moment most awaited by all Muslims. This is a holy month full of blessings, where every Muslim observes fasting, and decorates the house with various Ramadan ornaments. Apart from beautifying your home with various Ramadan knickknacks, usually public areas such as offices also start adding Ramadan decorations. Especially if you are working from home, Ramadhan home office design will bring enthusiasm and peace into your work space.

To make the work atmosphere even more lively, there are lots of cool ways to decorate, such as Ramadan lamps and lanterns, Islamic carpets, flower garlands, and many more. Various choices of Ramadan home office decorations are easy to apply to walls, floors or even your work desk. If you are interested in bringing the joy of Ramadan into your work space, here are seven Ramadan decoration ideas for the home office. Let’s check it out!

1. Traditional Lantern


Traditional Ramadan lanterns are always a characteristic feature in every Ramadan decoration, including home offices. This decoration originally came from Egypt and is usually used to decorate inside and outside. Even though it originates from Egypt, this typical Ramadan decoration is widely used by Muslims in other countries and is a symbol of the holy month of Ramadan. So, this lantern is ideal as a complement to home office decoration.

2. Rug


Slightly different from carpets in general, Ramadan rugs have unique motifs so they have their own characteristics. You can use rugs instead of carpet in your home office. Choose colors that are not too striking and try to have no more than 2 colors. Then place it under the work table or around it. Choosing a carpet that is a bit rough is highly recommended so that the motif can be more visible.

3. Ramadan Calendar


In order to welcome the month of Ramadan, you may need a Ramadan calendar as a reminder on your work desk. Apart from that, the Ramadan calendar also makes the workspace feel pleasant. The calendar can be displayed on a work desk or hung on the wall. This calendar can add aesthetics and functionality to any home office design. Apart from that, you can also add notes to be able to perform the prayer in full so that you remain disciplined in worship even though you are working.

4. Ramadhan Gallery Wall


A Ramadan-inspired gallery wall not only makes a home office more aesthetic, but also makes a statement on an empty wall. Display posters, paintings or works of art in Islamic style according to your taste. In fact, you can also hang a Ramadan Calendar with a similar concept.

5. Ramadan Decorative Lamps


Create a peaceful Ramadan atmosphere in your home office with decorative lighting ideas. You can place this decorative lamp on a table, wall shelf or corner of your work space. An attractive lamp with elements of Ramadan ornaments in it will make the space feel calmer and more peaceful. There are various designs for Ramadan lamps and can be adapted to any home office style.

6. Flower Vase


During the holy month of Ramadan, flower arrangements such as vases and potted plants are widely used to decorate rooms. So, there’s no harm in placing a flower vase on your work desk. Several studies show that placing flowers or plants in the work space has many positive benefits, including improving mood, creativity, productivity and preventing stress.

7. Aromatherapy Candles


Apart from the light which makes the atmosphere of a home office more festive, candles can also help improve a person’s mood. Use candles that are infused with fresh lavender or the sweet scent of roses and peonies, aromatherapy candles are a simple way to make your work space feel warm and add a spiritual feel during Ramadan.

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