20 Awesome Ramadan Table Decor For Your Home


The month of Ramadan is always the most awaited moment every year. Apart from being a holy month full of blessings, every Muslim will fast for a whole month leading up to Eid al-Fitr. Like previous years, this Ramadan also feels very festive with various attractive Ramadan accessories and decorations. Not only will the atmosphere of worship be more memorable, breaking the fast together at the dining table is one of the things you will miss the most.

In this post, we have collected various dining table ideas to enliven your month of Ramadan. Change the atmosphere of the dining room to make it feel special in preparation for eating sahur or breaking the fast. Of course, the dining room is also an ideal place to gather family and closest friends during the month of Ramadan. To make the atmosphere of Ramadan even more festive, it’s a good idea to choose a dining table setting that is not like a normal day. You can arrange or decorate the dining room to make it look attractive to make Ramadan fasting even more enjoyable.

Here are some easy and simple ideas you can use to set the dining table to make Ramadan even more festive.


Use tableware with Islamic nuances

Want to add an Islamic touch to the dining table? You can use Islamic-inspired tableware such as carved plates, cups, bowls, patterned tablecloths with beautiful Ramadan-style shapes and designs. Choosing the right dining table equipment can make the table setting look elegant and refreshing. Apart from that, add several jars of cake or dessert, fruit, or candles as extra sweetness and lighting on an appetizing dining table.


Add a flower vase

Adding beautiful decorations such as flowers is guaranteed to make the Ramadan dining table look even more attractive. You can add flowers in a suitable vase in the dining room, then place the flower vase on another small table that is separate from the main dining table. So as not to disturb other family members when they want to take dishes. The flowers chosen can be real flowers or fake flowers depending on what kind of appearance you want to present.


Choose the right color scheme

There are many ways to add a color scheme to the Ramadan dining table. Apart from choosing accessories and tableware in the right colors, using fruit as decoration can be a brilliant alternative idea for setting the dining table. Fruit has attractive natural colors. So the natural impression in the dining room will be stronger. You can use several combinations of fruit with different colors. Such as, red apples, purple grapes, yellow bananas, green mangoes, orange oranges, and so on.


Ramadan candles and lanterns

Lanterns are often a mandatory decoration during the month of Ramadhan. Various shapes and motifs of lanterns not only beautify home decoration, but also provide beautiful lighting around the dining table. Apart from using lanterns, you can also add some decorative candles as a table centerpiece for additional lighting. Burning candles can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Light a candle, especially at dawn or breaking the fast with your beloved family. The dim candlelight makes the atmosphere of the room even more cozy. Get inspired!
















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