20 Smart Under Stairs Laundry Room Ideas


The space under the stairs is often overlooked, even though if you have it you can make maximum use of it because this room holds many possibilities. There are many ways to turn this narrow space into something extraordinary, for example you can build an office space, kids playroom, cupboard, warehouse, or library, but the most creative is to create a laundry room under the stairs. Laundry rooms often don’t have enough space for a separate area, in fact there is no room to hide it so a space under the stairs is the best solution to do so. The laundry room under the stairs can be open or hidden, depending on your needs, the amount of space you have and how much budget you want to spend.

An open laundry room can be swung into any area under the stairs, for example near the living room, family room or even the stairs leading to the roof, here we would recommend the hidden option for a neater look. You can install some doors that mimic your walls or simply customize the interior to hide your small laundry. The door can be opened or folded or slid to make it more convenient to use. Here are some of our favorite under stairs laundry room tips and ideas!


Washing machine under the stairs

The easiest way to build a laundry room is to fit the washer and dryer under the stairs, and if there’s enough space, you can add some light shelves, storage, even baskets for your clothes. Put chemicals, detergent, and other items you might need there, and if it’s still possible, you can store other things there. Some storage cupboards will be a more practical solution in this case as they allow you to store more and neatly.


Laundry room under the stairs

It’s not difficult to build a laundry room under the stairs, you don’t even need any doors to hide appliances if you want. No special decorations are needed here, so choose what you like. However, if you want to hide the clutter, you can make regular doors or sliding doors to visually tidy up the room. Finally, just put the washer and dryer there and add some additional storage for dirty and clean laundry and chemicals. Get inspired!


















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