23 Space-Saving Balcony Ideas To Transform Into Home Office


Nowadays work can be done anywhere, even if you are someone who doesn’t fully work from home, having a home office has become part of your lifestyle. Even though working from home sounds like fun, not everyone is fortunate to have a dedicated room to work. The lack of space at home is an obstacle to building a home office, so you need to think outside the box to get your dream workspace.

Take advantage of even the smallest room in your home, including a balcony to turn it into a comfortable home office. Know how to squeeze everything you need in the workspace. From placing ergonomic desks and chairs, creating functional storage systems, to adding accessories with an aesthetic feel. Here I have some ideas for a home office balcony, so let’s take a look!


Desk on the balcony

Placing furniture, especially work desks, is a challenge in itself on a small balcony. You may need to choose a small table or make your own to suit the size of the balcony. Alternatively, use a folding table or a table that can be hung on a railing. This small table will blend with the balcony design and adjust to your comfort while working. Tiny workbenches are fairly easy to find in stores, but if you can’t find one that suits your needs then try making a DIY workbench. For a closed balcony, you can try using a long corner table that adjusts to the shape and size of your balcony.


Freshen up the home office balcony with plants

Working in a small space does make it difficult for us to focus. However, you can work around this by making an open balcony. Even if your balcony concept is closed, the use of large glass walls and windows provides an inspiring view outside the room. This method is very effective for getting around limited space. To refresh the space, place some green plants around the home office balcony. This planter idea fits perfectly with the open balcony concept because the plants will easily get sunlight. Place it in a pot that makes it easy for you to decorate it in any area, be it on the floor, wall shelf or as a decoration on your desk.


Home office balcony design

It’s easy enough to create a home office on your balcony. Its small size allows you to save more expenses due to the lack of furniture. But keep in mind, a small balcony will look monotonous if you don’t add the right patterns and colors. Decorate the balcony of the home office with bright colors and use natural woods which complement the open space concept. Curtains will be very helpful when you need privacy or as a sun barrier, you should choose a beautiful curtain design. Cover your home office balcony with minimalist, modern, or even industrial accents that suit your style. Finally, add lighting such as table lamps or chandeliers that give an elegant impression.


Smart storage system

Every workspace definitely needs storage space for all work needs. For a home office balcony, you have to be smart about the limited space in order to install the storage system you need. Use desk drawers, wall shelves, hanging cabinets, pegboards, and much more. Here your creativity is really needed to get a comfortable and functional workspace.

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