10 Creative Ways To Decorate Kids Room With Washi Tape

Kids world is a play world filled with fun decorations. The room is bright, colorful, creative and well-liked by children, and washi tape to be our favorite, especially for lovers of handicrafts.

As we know, this washi tape has many motifs and colors so it can be applied as decoration. For kids rooms, gluing or beautifying the room can be done easily by choosing or determining which part you want to decorate with washi tape. However, this tape is not only for gluing things, for those of you who are creative, you can also make various crafts or other shapes that children like.

From beautifying the room to fun kids crafts, with washi tape a children’s room will look more attractive. Here we have collected 10 best washi tape ideas for kids who are easy and well worth a try at home. Enjoy!

1. Kids wall storage area looks more artistic by adding washi tape. Create a roof or form a house that surrounds the storage area.


2. Don’t let an empty wall go to waste. Dress up this area with glue washi tape to create an accent wall look beautiful.


3. Washi tape can also be converted into a banner for room decoration or a kids celebration party.


4. If you are creative enough, washi tape can be made into a tree shape by sticking it on the wall. Decorate with photos or other small objects to enhance the look.


5. Not only the walls, washi tape can also be to enhance your kids bedroom door decoration.


6. Create a kids wall gallery with colorful washi tape. You can make it interesting by displaying the work of children.


7. Pencil cases or kids writing utensils can also be made more attractive with rainbow-patterned washi tape.


8. Unleash your child’s imagination and creativity by making a playhouse on the wall from washi tape.


9. Washi tape for flower vase crafts is really easy and can be done by kids. Practice their creativity by making beautiful flower shapes.


10. Furniture that looks ordinary becomes more attractive and looks like new by decorating it with washi tape.


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