7 Trendiest Ways To Organize A Gallery Wall

trendy ways to make gallery wall

Empty wall areas are often a challenge when decorating a house. In fact, many homeowners are confused about how to organize this area with the right gallery wall. If you are looking for an effective way to arrange photo frames or create a wall gallery, then this article might give you inspiration.

Even though it seems easy, carelessly arranging a gallery wall can affect the aesthetics of the room. At first glance, anyone can arrange photos and gallery walls, just arrange them parallel or make sure they are the same height. In fact, there are many aspects that need to be considered when decorating a gallery wall so that it looks attractive.

In general, the steps for arranging a gallery wall include determining the right position, photos must be at eye level, paying attention to the proportions of the frame, maintaining consistency in the theme, and also considering lighting to add a dramatic impression. Below we have collected seven of the trendiest ways to create a gallery wall that you can copy. Let’s take a look!

1. Arrange circularly like clockwork

big wall clock photo frame

This way of making a wall gallery is quite unique. Who would have thought that placing a frame or frame resembling a clock would make the appearance of the living room more attractive? Moreover, each frame or frame is analogous to the numbers on a clock.

2. Create a wall gallery

beautiful gallery wall decor ideas

This gallery wall idea is suitable for those of you who have an artistic soul because this concept does not depend on symmetry in placement. You can choose a frame of any size and material.

3. Apply Scandinavian style

scandinavian style gallery wall decoration

Get a minimalist Scandinavian style that is suitable for a modern room. In this concept, the two main values often seen are simplicity and functionality. These two values must be visible in the photo frame you choose.

4. Use a floor to ceiling style

floor to ceiling gallery wall decor

The “floor-to-ceiling” wall gallery concept is a concept of arranging photos or works of art from floor to ceiling on one wall. The way to do it is to create a dramatic and artistic look that maximizes the use of wall space with a combination of different sizes, shapes and styles of frames and photos.

5. Arrange them neatly and parallel

neat and parallel gallery wall ideas

You can create a “frame in frame” style by applying an optical illusion such as one small frame being inserted into a larger frame. Even though you only need to provide a photo with a white border that is slightly wide. Apart from being unique, this concept is also suitable for those of you who want an artistic appearance in the room.

6. Apply spiral style

spiral gallery wall decor ideas

The next way to create a wall gallery is to use an interesting spiral layout concept. The method is to place a frame that is quite large in size in the middle area of the wall, then arrange smaller frames around the large frame.

7. Create a frame to frame wall gallery

frame in frame gallery wall design

This wall gallery is suitable for those of you who like a neat and minimalist appearance. Where you can use the concept of arranging parallel rows and columns when arranging photos on the wall. If you want to use this method to arrange photos on the wall, the thing you need to make sure of is determining a definite size and orientation of the frame that will be used to display your best photo collection in the room.

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