15 Outdoor Kids Play Activities That Don’t Involve A Screen

fun outdoor kid water play

The age of children is a moment that will always be remembered until they grow up. It is during this period of growth that they begin to be introduced to games, adventures, and doing whatever activities they like. However, as technology develops, playing time seems to be decreasing. Instead of playing with their siblings or peers outdoors, nowadays many parents are worried about the impact of smartphone screens which seem to steal the beauty of their childhood.

This post may be a little off topic, but every parent should know the importance of activities and outdoor pursuits that really don’t involve screens. Between distance learning and the loss of many in-person extracurricular activities, kids are getting 60% more screen time than they did before the pandemic. So, let’s see what outdoor activities can move them away from the screen, or if possible you can create a playground or children’s corner outdoors. Let’s take a look!

1. Outdoor reading nook

outdoor kid reading nook ideas

Taking some of the little one’s favorite story books outside feels more interesting than having them read indoors.

2. Play kites

playful kid kites for outdoor activities

Kites are a classic game usually played by children. Apart from being fun, this activity also allows your child to do physical activities such as running and flying kites.

3. Bathing in the river

natural outdoor kid pool with swing tire

Instead take your little one to bathe in the swimming pool. If your backyard has a clear river or fish pond, why not go on an adventure there? A wheel swing in a tree will be his favorite play zone.

4. Fishing

fun outdoor kid fishing

On the weekend, try your child enjoying nature while fishing in a lake or river. They will learn to love their surroundings and of course practice patience.

5. Natural playground

natural kid playground design

Building a playground can be done by anyone, including you. Build a natural playground made of wood and environmentally friendly materials that are safe for your little one.

6. Catch butterflies

outdoor kid butterfly net play

Every little girl will love this activity! Take your child on an adventure through a park or small forest to catch some of their favorite butterflies.

7. Edible gardens

edible kid gardening for outdoor activities

Teaching children to grow vegetables or fruit from an early age is very good for developing a love of nature. Apart from that, children will love eating vegetables from a young age because they grew them themselves.

8. Teepees for everyone

outdoor kid teepee play ground

Add a large teepee that can accommodate several children at once. Apart from being a place to play, teepees are also great for protecting children from the sun.

9. Water spray

backyard kid water play ideas

Every child loves playing in water, whether indoors or outdoors. So, try using water spray in your garden as a fun medium for your little one to play.

10. Soap bubbles

bublle kid play for outdoor

Anyone can make soap bubbles. And even though this game is simple, it is very fun to play outdoors.

11. Outdoor picnic

outdoor backyard picnic for kid

This weekend you can take your little one to an outdoor picnic. No need to go tens of miles, just go to your backyard and set up a simple picnic.

12. Swing

outdoor kid swing ideas

Not only children, even adults like swings that make them feel happy.

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