24 Cozy Apartment Balcony Ideas For Your Relaxing

boho small apartment balcony with rattan chair

Living in an apartment sometimes often makes us feel far from the natural surroundings. However, for those of you lovers of green thumb does not mean you have to miss fresh air. That does not mean you have to disassemble the floor or place large plants there, but everything is about your way of life in order to be in harmony with the environment to find peace and calm. Even if your balcony is small, you can still create a beautiful small oasis, the perfect place to unwind after a long day and enjoy the sun with a cup of coffee.

But with limited space, we know that it might be difficult to get the perfect balcony area. Some creative people may know how to set the correct apartment balcony, while others prefer comfortable furniture, like this post that will make you amazed by a brilliant balcony collection.

Here are 24 apartment balcony ideas that inspire to turn your outside space into a functional and attractive resting place. Whatever its size, there is always a way to use every inch of your balcony.

modern apartment balcony design with tropical garden

Tips for decorating apartment balconies

Because of its small size, first consider what kind of atmosphere you want to present. Do you want a mini forest retreat, a Paris cafe escape, an ethnic boho style, or even a simple arrangement just a comfortable place to drink coffee? After you decide the most suitable for your personality, you can start choosing furniture and decorations that reflect it.

When you want to add furniture, the size is definitely the main thing to consider. Choose a bistro set, folding chair or even a built-in bench to maximize space. Create a green atmosphere that invites with a vertical garden if you lack space. Hanging growers, tiered shelves, and wall shelves can turn your small balcony into extraordinary vertical forests.

inspiring boho apartment balcony decor

Lighting will greatly affect the mood of the apartment residents. Give your balcony string lights, fairy lights, candles, or even lanterns that will provide a magical atmosphere for night relaxation. The key to everything is certainly a green thumb! Plants not only add life and color, but also help clear air. Choose plants that are easy to care or flourish in the sun depending on your favorite plants.

The last idea, add some decoration elements that describe yourself. For example pillows, permaders, or decorative wall hangings can make your balcony look more attractive. With a little planning and creativity, your balcony can be your own paradise right outside the door of your apartment. Enjoy!

modern apartment balcony with wooden benches

nordic apartment balcony with rugs

bohemian small apartment balcony decor

pretty small apartment balcony with panel wall

boho balcony apartment with hammock

contemporary boho apartment balcony decoration

beautiful tiny apartment balcony with floral climbing wall

unique closed apartment balcony with bohemian style

bohemian balcony design with macrame

nature inspired apartment balcony decor

cozy apartment balcony with urban view

small apartment balcony design with seating area

modern boho apartment balcony with rattan chair

cozy apartment balcony ideas for reading nook

boho romantic apartment balcony with string light

pretty apartment balcony with floral decor

boho apartment balcony with string light

rustic apartment balcony garden ideas

cozy small apartment balcony design

apartment balcony garden for relaxing

pretty boho apartment balcony for summer

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