The Portal: Futuristic Outdoor Toilet Inspired By Spaceship


Jupe is the company to bring you an unforgettable night’s sleep on a deep night, and now comes with The Portal, one of the best ways to enjoy nature. Changing the concept of a mundane public restroom to a futuristic one, the portal is designed to be a sci-fi bathroom that can be placed anywhere: mountains, wilderness, even snowy mountains that will elevate your outdoor bathroom experience.

The Jupe team who are also former Tesla and SpaceX designers are very excited to release their newest shiny port toilet. Porta is basically a luxury toilet inspired by spaceships. Stepping inside, you are greeted by a clean white interior, a stark contrast to the wilderness outside.

The toilet is equipped with a 200 watt solar panel, battery and inverter which supports stadium-like lighting and an always-on fan to eliminate odors. The solar panels can be positioned wherever you want to place them depending on where the sun is directly hitting the surface. Here are some of the features and inspiration!


Bright and cozy

Even though you are in the wild or in the middle of a forest, you will still feel cozy in the port toilet. Forget the days of banging your knees on plastic while looking for a toilet in a dark box. The portal is wide and full of light, it is even claimed that it can reach 3x the interior lighting of a portable toilet in general.



Equipped with a mirror

Mirror windows are installed to give the appearance of blending in with the surrounding nature. This mirror also gives a view to the outside but still maintains your privacy in the toilet. A privacy shade that can be opened and closed depending on how your mood is.



Turning waste into fertilizer

Jupe integrates circular waste information technology from their composting partners that will magically transform what we humans produce into good products for the earth. This toilet is truly designed to be environmentally friendly while still maintaining the comfort and extraordinary experience of a nomad’s life.




Sky portal that opens to nature

Ceiling portal cutouts transform the sky into an extraordinary sight. This ceiling hole creates an immersive optical illusion, appearing to be a perfect circle from a seated perspective, when in reality it is an ellipse.


designer: Jupe

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