20 Cool Garage Living Room Design For Men’s


Garages are like a real man’s cave, especially if you’re an auto enthusiast. Not just a hobby, men and their vehicles have become an inseparable lifestyle. This style is truly free, masculine, and reflects a real man both from the way they dress, the way they live life, to the decoration of their room.

It is undeniable, the garage is the best area where men often spend time with what they like. For motorcycle lovers or car collectors, the garage is a paradise where you can freely express yourself and do whatever you like. This is not just a place to store your vehicle collection, but rather a part of your life so it is very natural that any activity is often carried out in the garage.

Today I want to take the men’s garage to the next level, and the living room is the first thing I want to show you. The living room garage provides a lot more fun than you might expect, and I find it hard to resist!


Motorcycle Garage

Good news for all lovers of two-wheeled vehicles or motorbikes, because you can also display it in any area, including the living room. Give your living room an elegant masculine touch or an industrial style that is timeless. Exposed brick walls, leather furniture, rugs and dark interiors will look great. Add a bit of a vintage touch if you like, even bright interiors look great with this setting. Placing a motorcycle in the living room won’t take up much space, but you have to be smart in arranging it so it doesn’t look messy. Give your motorcycle a special space: in the corner of the room, under the stairs, or even the living room wall for a different look.










Car Garage

Not everyone is lucky to have a car but if you do then it’s time to display it in a unique way. We may have seen car garages in modern homes, but what if you combine them with the living room? The results are absolutely stunning as this is a real man’s cave. Still nuanced from classic to industrial, the living room garage will surprise anyone who comes to your house. Because the car has a larger size than a motorcycle, the space needed is even greater. However, you can work around this by creating a built-in wall or uniting it outdoors.











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