February 21, 2024

10 Living Room Designs With Colorful Rug

Rug on which to base room can beautify your living room, as well foundation of the house. They set up tone a room and can help you determine not only right furniture, but color palette is also very influential. Rug will encourage you to decide inspiration living room designs and let’s make it real, if it can make or even destroy the room. The following ideas for colorful rugs that make tactics change in your living room, take a look at 10 collections rugs really works beautifully.

Rug Melbourne Home Geometric

Interesting combination of rug living room Simon Griffths and Mellisa Laughnan has a wall full of art galleries and a low bookcase styled with various knick knacks, colorful geometric rugs fit perfectly into a great room.

Rug Eileen Kathryn Boyd Green

Collection of one interior designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd showhouses, the living room, and his carpet, mix a safe neutral colors such as neon orange and green color looks chic for living room.

Livingroom Rug Asiatic Pixel Funk

These rugs from Asiatic Carpets, rugs Funk as tufted in India and a thick pile full of life, color pixelated making this all-white room looks super adorable and funny.

Livingrooms Rug Melbourne Pink Zig-zag
Inspired by vintage style, black leather sofa, floor lamp yellow, and black pendant vintage, multicolor rugs from Loom Rugs Melbourne brighten the space with pink, green, yellow, blue, and white.
Rug Nareen Holloway

Colorful rugs diamond patterned rug sets the tone in this house full of rustic and raw finishes designed by Heather Nette King. Open planned living area with large windows boasting.

Rug The Design Files Open House

This beautiful rug by Loom Rugs used in the 2012 Open House. Australian design blog Design Files holds an annual Open House which opened the house to act as a popup store various items scoped by the founder of the blog, Lucy Feagins.

Colorful Livingrooms Rug Paul Smith

This uniquely shaped vortex carpet, designed by Paul Smith for The Rug Company, bringing color stripes swirl pattern to any room with Smith’s signature style which cover everything from clothes to bags, to the car, or even your living room.

Rugs Loom Old Yarn Wheat

Loom Rug’s Old Yarn Wheat Rug is like a rainbow of modern stalks growing across the floor of this room with a neutral, built-in sofa.

Rug Hong Kong Warehouse

Rug is found in a warehouse in Hong Kong, this dining room apartment goes for bold with striped carpet filled with pink, red, and brown dining table base Matt Hilton.

The Rug Company Matthew Williamson

Another sublime collection of rugs from The Rug Company is Matthew Williams. Rug are paired with a more traditional sofa covered with hot pink fabric. Print geometric print inspired by African tribes to work with classic details and modern in the room. So the idea of ​​carpet where your favorite? happy to hear back from you soon.

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