10 Best Laundry Room Combo Ideas You’ll Must Try

An efficient laundry room can save you time and homework, it covers every laundry process, from sorting to folding. However, limited space is an obstacle that is often encountered, especially when faced with the laundry room organization. Many of us spend more time in the laundry room than in the bathroom, averaging about eight hours a week. And just when you think this room is just making a mess, the best solution is often to move it to the basement, separate from the rest of the house.

Of course, a separate laundry room will often be neglected and make your work difficult, especially if your only reason is to make the house look neat. The solution is, you may need to combine laundry room with other rooms in the house without having to lose function. Today I’ve rounded up the 10 best combo laundry room ideas that will solve all your problems. From limited space, storage space, without even having to make the room look messy. Check out the inspiration below!

1. Laundry with kitchen combo


The laundry room looks sleek in a minimalist style kitchen. Applying an open concept so as to make it look wider.

2. Laundry balcony combo


The balcony is the best area for a combo laundry room. Its location is connected to an outdoor space that is exposed to direct sunlight, making it easier for you when you want to dry your clothes.

3. Master closet with laundry combo


This is a handy laundry room connected to the master closet. You can easily store it after drying and folding.

4. Dog space with laundry combo


Your furry friend will faithfully accompany your washing activities every day. Mix laundry room with dog room which range from dog bed to dog wash station.

5. Powder room with laundry combo


Powder rooms may be equipped with amenities such as bathrooms. However, the main function is as a dressing room for your guests. This room is often unused, especially when no guests come to the house, so it is ideal as a laundry room.

6. Laundry with dining room combo


The industrial-style dining room feels one with the laundry room. Having a color accent and a matching appearance, this dining room will become a family favorite that is ready to help with your washing work.

7. Pantry with laundry room combo


Pantry or kitchen storage space often has several empty places. Use this area as a hidden laundry room to make the room look tidier.

8. Laundry with home office combo


If you’re a stay-at-home mom as well as someone who works from home, try combining a laundry room with a home office. This combo space will lighten all your work.

9. Entryway with laundry room combo


Entryway is one area that is connected to the outside. Without having to make a mess, you can create a laundry room right at the entrance of the house. Mix it up with pretty furniture and color accents so it’s not an eyesore when anyone walks into the house.

10. Bathroom with laundry room combo


The laundry room with bathroom combo is probably the most popular on this list. A practical space where you can easily find a source of water when you want to wash or just dispose of used washing water.

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