How To Care Monstera Plants And 15 Interior Design Plans


The use of indoor plants has proven to be effective in enhancing aesthetics while refreshing the room. That is why indoor plants are popular, especially in every interior decoration. And among the many choices of houseplants, monstera is one type that never gets left behind because this plant has a unique leaf shape.

Monstera itself comes from the wilderness of Mexico and is included in the type of tropical plants. There are various types of monstera plants, but the type that is most preferred is monstera deliciosa. It has a leaf shape that is wide like a heart but has holes until it is torn, which is the main characteristic, which brings a tropical feel to the room.

Like other types of tropical plants in general, monstera doesn’t have leaves, so it only relies on the beautiful and unique appearance of its leaves. Bringing this plant indoors can be a challenge. The reason is, you have to get to know the character of this plant first and know how to care for monstera indoors so that it can grow optimally.


How to grow monsters

The monstera plant can grow to several meters in size with its leaves, and if you want to keep it there are several ways you can do it. The easiest solution is by stem cuttings. By utilizing the roots on the stem, monstera is easy to cultivate in a vegetative way. Choose the right monstera plant breeders, fertilize and water regularly, monstera seeds will grow very well.


How to care for monsters

Even though it originates from the wilderness of southern Mexico to Panama, monstera is still a type of tropical plant that cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. This plant will thrive at air temperatures ranging from 23-30 degrees Celsius during the day and 15 degrees Celsius at night. Furthermore, do enough fertilizer once a month, and regular watering 2-3 times a week. This plant has strong resistance to pests and diseases, but you need to know that monstera is also a type of poisonous plant, so it needs supervision if you have children at home.


Monstera plant decoration

Monstera is the easiest way to bring tropical to jungle vibes into a room. For decoration purposes, this plant easily blends into any interior style so it is very reliable. You can place monstera plants in any area, such as the living room, dining room, bedroom, even for the bathroom. Its large green leaves are of course the main attraction in the room, while this plant is also good as an oxygen-producing plant.

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