25 Cozy Prayer Rooms That All Muslim Will Love

Improve the quality of your faith and worship with a comfortable prayer room design, this small area will be an important part of your home.

For Muslims, worship and prayer is a must that must be done. That is why having its own religious space at home becomes a necessity where this room is a place for worship. Keeping a clean and soothing atmosphere is always very important for a space to pray, so try to regulate or put it in the right areas in the house so as not to interfere with other activities that will promote the achievement of the quality of your worship.

There are many prayer room designs that are easy to find today, ranging from size, simple models to designs that are quite luxurious. But a prayer room actually does not have to be fancy, all this goes back to the concept you want to display in decoration.

Another important factor is the essence of the function of space which is the main criteria in a prayer room. You should feel comfortable, for example you can combine it with Moroccan or Scandinavian style for a minimalist look. Adding plants in the room was also very nice to make a prayer room was cool which of course have an impact on your comfort while praying. Regardless of what your prayer room design looks like, every Muslim believes that the prayer room must face the Qibla direction so that this room must be planned from the start so that there is no confusion when you want to worship.























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