February 23, 2024

20 Simple Vases Ideas To Beautify Your Table


These pretty vases will transform freshly picked flowers and floral arrangements into centerpiece worthy arrangements. Adding flowers and plants is indeed effective for refreshing the room, especially if planted in pots full of art and beauty. However, sometimes buying a pot is not always cheap, so we have to be really observant in determining the type of pot we will use.

I agree that nothing brightens up a table whether in the centerpiece of your dining table, kitchen island or coffee table than fresh cut flower arrangements. Unfortunately, making flower arrangements by buying them is a real waste. And while you may find it difficult to arrange flower arrangements, here are some easy vase ideas for beginners.

These flower and plant vases show us that choosing a simple vase is one of the best ways to decorate your home at a fraction of the cost, and certainly no less impressive than expensive vases.


What flowers and plants welcome a simple vase?

You don’t need to be an expert just to make beautiful flower arrangements with a simple vase. Even if you’re a novice who enjoys arranging bouquets of fresh flowers from the farmer’s market or assembling stems from your own backyard. Basically a simple vase design is perfect for all types of flowers and plants, a homemade cut flower arrangement can be layered or a mix of several colorful flower arrangements, various creations of greenery and bright petals that brighten up your table. But among the blooming flowers, the container used is just as important, so you need to choose a vase carefully.


Simple vase design

Simple vases with beautiful shapes, colors and patterns can provide an appealing look to different flower arrangements as well as types of arrangements. If you like fresh cut flowers, consider a wide-mouthed vase to display a lovely cluster of flowers. For a centerpiece dining table, you may need a tall vase so your designs don’t get drowned out between the dishes being served for either a banquet or a celebratory party. Besides glass vases, there are also vases made of clay jars with completely unique shapes and colors. In essence, the vase design must be decorative and functional. They are the pieces that brighten up the table even as they’re waiting for the next bloom. Interested in displaying it on your table? Here are some simple vase ideas that will elevate your vignette, tabletop, and room d├ęcor!


















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