September 30, 2023

Cute Collection Of Dinosaur Dolls From IKEA Jattelik


Designing a kids room must consider many things. Apart from the safety factor, providing a play area and toys will make your little one feel happy. Like one of the collections of dinosaur dolls from IKEA JÄTTELIK which makes the dreams of children all over the world come true. This collection of prehistoric animals will transform any nursery into a world of more fun. IKEA JÄTTELIK consists of stuffed dinosaurs of various sizes, colors and shapes, according to your little one’s wishes.

It doesn’t matter which doll you choose to provide a sense of security at night, you’ll see how children love their dolls, and even play with them until they sleep. These dinosaur dolls have been tested for safety for children, all toys are also equipped with sewn eyes so there is no risk of small parts that will fall off.

All dolls are comfortable to hug, can entertain and can also be played with. Invite your little one to make friends with the dinosaurs. Here are some JÄTTELIK collections that kids will love!

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex is a famous prehistoric animal because it weighs up to 9 tons and is the king of reptiles. It has a mouth so big that you can fit in it, while its teeth can grow as big as a banana.



2. Stegosaurus

Even though the stogosaurus had a very small brain, it had a big heart. Named from the Greek word “Stegos” meaning plate. When you see his back then you will understand. This dinosaur is also available in a larger size.



3. Triceratops

Triceratops is a very strong dinosaur. When this animal is angry, it will immediately attack and gore the sides of its enemy’s body so that it lifts its enemy’s body high.



4. Velociraptor

This prehistoric animal lived in Mongolia about 75 million years ago. It is known for its long tail, and is also very agile because of its speed. This ancient animal moved using its hind legs and could reach speeds of around 50 km/hour.



5. Ankylosaurus

Ankylosaurus weighed like a tank when walking on short, heavy legs. Even though it is a slow-moving animal, you should be careful when it wags its tail because it can knock anyone over. This doll is also available in egg form. You can choose because the toy changes shape when you turn it over.



6. Brontosaurus

Brontosaurus is one of the most famous ancient animals. The animal is easy to recognize because of its long neck and small head. It was also called the “thunder lizard” because the ground would rumble as it walked. This animal is very large because it can reach 22 meters in height and weigh 15 tons.



Brontosaurus is also available in a larger size. kids will love playing, hugging, and making this dinosaur theme because when they were little they would feel safe holding hands with their bigger friends.




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