Beautiful Ways To Make Aquascape Discus For Beginners


For aquascape fans, making hardscapes, choosing plants, and determining a theme are inseparable. However, determining the type of ornamental fish is also very important and supports the look of the aquascape as a whole. Several types of ornamental fish are not only beautiful and make the atmosphere of the room feel relaxed, they are even believed to bring good luck to their owners. Among the many ornamental fish, discus is one of the most popular today. Having a variety of beautiful colors, discus fish also consist of many types.

For those of you who want to keep this fish for aquascape, you should first know how to care for and maintain discus fish because this fish is different from other types of ornamental fish. Discus aquascape is not much different from aquascape design in general, although there are some things that you need to pay attention to so that discus fish can live in the aquarium and display their beautiful colors to the maximum. Here’s what you should know to make a discus fish aquascape and how to care for it!


Get to know discus fish

Before we make an aquascape for discus fish, it helps us to know and understand this type of fish first. Discus fish has the Latin name Symphysodon and is a type of freshwater fish originating from the Amazon River, Brazil. Having a flat shape with a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, this freshwater fish also consists of several species, including artificial discus fish species to natural mutations.


Discus habitat for aquarium

Like most types of freshwater fish in general, caring for discus fish in an aquarium also needs to pay attention to their natural habitat. The habitat of this duscus fish is in relatively warm water temperatures of around 29 to 34 degrees Celsius, a depth of at least 1.3 meters, and water with an acidic pH of 4 to 5. So make sure you provide mechanical and biological filtration to suit the habitat. For discus aquascapes, it is necessary to change the water at least once a week. Also pay attention when you want to change the aquarium water because it should not exceed 2 to 4 degrees Celsius.


Discus fish aquascape

Discus fish are slow fish and like to glide quietly in their habitat, but these fish can grow up to 20 cm. That is why, you need to adjust the size of the aquascape so as not to interfere with the growth of these fish. Ideally discus fish can grow well in an aquarium measuring 60 x 60 x 60 which can accommodate a pair of discus fish. However, if you want to keep these fish in groups, the aquarium you prepare must be larger.

In making an aquascape, make sure you make it less than 50 cm deep to avoid stressing the fish. Aquasacpe must also be made like its natural habitat by placing wood, stones, and plants.

Here are some of our favorite discus aquascape inspiration!










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