21 Easy Ways To Bring Dog Items Into Your Outdoor


Happy dog owners, you already consider this furry friend part of the family. Of course, you also know how much dog stuff adorns your home, so that it often makes the room look messy. It turns out that it doesn’t stop at home, dogs prefer to be outside either just playing or spending their time napping.

Many dog furniture will be inappropriate or won’t match your exterior. If your outdoor space is small, all that dog stuff can take up a lot of space. Fortunately, we have an easier way to get your dog’s stuff outdoors. Here are some ideas for adding dog stuff to your landscape.


Dog Beds

Where is the right area to add your outdoor bed? It can be anywhere because some of these dog beds are easy to move. Starting from placing it on your patio, backyard, outdoor deck, or even in your garden. You can choose a dog bed from any material, such as a wooden or metal bed, but make sure you add some bedding so your dog is comfortable. Currently, many pet stores sell portable beds, but you can also make them from improvised materials. It’s a pretty easy DIY project for a lovely pooch.






Dog Playground

In contrast to cats, dogs prefer to be outdoors just to play during the day. That’s why you need playground ideas to make your furry friend happy. It doesn’t have to be big, you can even make a playground from the materials around you. Pick up old tires, mines, balls, wooden pallets and much more. Create a fun and safe playground for pet dogs. It is recommended to choose a location for a play area that is protected from the sun, such as under a tree or pergola.








Dog Wash Station

The first time the dog enters the house, don’t let them get dirty because of the mud from outside. Building a dog washing station is very important to keep the dogs clean after they have played outside. You can make a simple wash station using a hose and a tiny tub. Another idea, make a dog shower attached to the outdoor wall. This area will be their favorite area for water play.








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