10 Simple Ways To Make Guys Style Bedroom

Guy’s bedrooms may not be as complicated as bedroom decor in general. Usually they prefer simple, mundane things, and some guys don’t even know what kind of bedroom decor they want. Basically men prefer comfort over aesthetics, and today’s post is dedicated only to you and the men in your life. Whether it’s your husband, brother, or your son, sometimes they just need a little help deciding on the right bedroom decor ideas. In the following, we have summarized 10 simple ways to create a guys bedroom. Find various inspirations and know what your man needs!

1. Beds


The bed is a mandatory piece of furniture that every bedroom must have, and the boys’ room is no exception. Choosing the right bedroom will help you set the scheme of the room whether you use light or dark walls. Neutral colored sheets are great for men because you can add other colors to the décor.

2. Curtains


Curtains help reduce sunlight entering the room. This is what men really need when they need time to rest all day. Choose curtains of sufficient thickness and try to be black-out to give them more privacy.

3. Desks


Guys usually do anything late into the night, whether it’s studying, playing games, or doing work. So, the table is very important to accommodate all their needs so that the room looks tidier.

4. Lighting


Lighting is essential for many dorm rooms. They also help add extra lighting as well as a more sophisticated appearance. Choose a lamp design that best suits a man’s style, for example floor lamps, string lights, pendant lights, or industrial nuances.

5. Chairs


An extra cozy chair is much needed when men want to relax, watch TV, play games or catch up with their friends. Some floor chairs are fine, but we prefer a more mature seat design. It’s also a practical way to add personality to a guys’ room.

6. TV Stand


If your man really likes games and watching movies, bring a TV stand into their bedroom. For smaller rooms, consider installing a wall mount for the TV. However, a TV cabinet looks really cool in larger rooms.

7. Storage Areas


Even though guys have a simple mindset, especially when it comes to room decor, they are people who want everything to look neat. So, any man really needs a storage area in their bedroom. You can choose open shelving or an industrial-style cabinet to further emphasize the masculine style.

8. Gallery Wall


Adding a wall gallery to a men’s bedroom will reflect their personality. Choose posters, paintings or photos that your man thinks are valuable. This wall gallery is also great for filling in empty walls and sentimental objects.

9. Indoor Plants


Indoor plants add a refreshing, natural element to a men’s bedroom. They are great to add to a display shelf. But if your man doesn’t have time to take care of him, artificial plants are a practical solution without any maintenance.

10. Rugs


Rugs not only make a men’s bedroom feel comfortable, they also add personality and color. Adjust the size of the carpet to the size of the room you have, don’t even hesitate to use a small rug.

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