Bee Colony Artwork Collaboration By Ava Roth’s


A unique collaboration between Ava Roth and master beekeeper Mylee Nordin and a swarm of honey-producing insects, this artist develops intricate encaustic works that literally visualize the interactions between humans and the environment. Toronto-based artist who’s stringing small collage: leaves, twigs, rose quartz, spikes, and other organic materials before passing it to the insects producing honey that has full control over the artwork. From this artwork, a small team of workers gradually builds their hexagonal structure around the original work. As a result, works between different species with different textures and color variations can highlight unpredictable beauty.

Epic collaboration between the honeycomb with Ava Roth shows the dichotomy between organic textures and logical structure. Although almost all materials are made from small objects found from nature, the base piece by Ava Roth reveals the inherent logic of the grid. In this latest work, what makes it most remarkable is the honeybee’s contribution to creating a patterned structure, while exhibiting a thirst for organic variation in height and texture.


All of the collaborative artwork is more of a tribute to the Canadian landscape and the craft world. Through the use of organic materials, Ava Roth referencing natural environment while tailoring hand craftsmanship and embroidery beading that embraces traditional crafts. A tribute to the work of artists honeybees clustered together into a new vision of traditional crafts in a unique and contemporary language.








source: designboom

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