December 4, 2023

Cat Friendly Furniture: Flow Single Sofa By SUNRIU


We often ignore the importance of comfort in a seat, such as an armchair which for some people is only a decoration. In fact, an armchair has many functions, such as adding comfort and making it feel ergonomic. The Flow single sofa is part of the Flow collection as the perfect armchair for cat owners to blend into their living space.

SUNRIU has successfully completed this project by designing an armchair that is somewhat minimalistic and also pet friendly. The seat consists of connected tubular components that combine to create a ridged layer that surrounds the cubic cushioning for the base and backrest. Meanwhile, the backrest of the chair has a roll design which leaves a hollow interior space suitable for cats to climb.

The Flow single sofa is the solution to responding to the needs of pet owners and helping them maintain their living space with an ultra-modern sofa cut, while still maintaining comfort.


We may have encountered this kind of sofa or armchair design, but what makes it interesting is the fact that this sofa is pet friendly. The spiral armrest is a real eye-catcher with comfortable holes for your cat. It is this hollow interior space that acts as a little nook for the cat to curl up and rest. There are two armrests for your pair of cats in the house! This allows Flow to serve as a seat not only for humans, but their beloved cats as well. It is a multifunctional piece of furniture, where owners and their pets can spend some quality time together. Enjoy!






designer: SUNRIU

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