September 27, 2023

15 Creative Ways To Organize Your Bookshelves


In the midst of the rapid development of technology ranging from the internet to smart phones, reading books seems to be an abandoned hobby. Even though reading a book is more fun than you have to always scroll the screen, not to mention the radiation from the screen can be bad in the long run. Let’s cultivate a love of reading from children to adults, and if this habit is indeed one of your favorite hobbies, then start by collecting books that you like.

The books on the shelves tell a lot about the personality and interests of their owners. This reading habit usually leads to piles of books and messy spaces, because not everyone has a special reading room to avoid clutter. So what solutions can you do to keep the room tidy? Arranging bookshelves not only solves all your problems, but the right arrangement will make any room look more aesthetic.

In addition to saving space, placing a bookshelf into the d├ęcor will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Most of these bookshelf ideas are DIY projects that you can make yourself and save on a budget. So, find various styles of arranging bookshelves that you like!

1. Industrial bookshelf


Do you like industrial style? Try to make your own bookshelf with boards and cinder blocks by arranging them into a bookshelf. Keep the industrial style by leaving the brick walls exposed.

2. Stacking bookshelf


Even though it’s just stacking a few books, this idea really looks aesthetic. Arrange the books according to size from the largest to the smallest at the top. You can also add accessories or ornamental plants at the very top.

3. DIY pallet bookshelf


This is the easiest and most creative way on our today’s bookshelf list. Grab a wooden crate or pallet to turn into a stylish bookshelf. Pallet bookshelf is very functional because it can be a side table in the living room.

4. Bookshelf room divider


A bookshelf that functions as well as a room divider. This is a minimalist idea for those of you who need some extra space. Besides, this method is better than just building a blank wall.

5. Modern bookshelf


Having a unique and unusual shape, this bookshelf is perfect for decorating a modern style room. Add black paint to make it look more elegant.

6. Built-in bookshelf


The built-in bookshelf is an effective way that you can do to overcome the limitations of space. This bookcase idea looks clean, spacious, and will not interfere with your activities in the room.

7. Bookshelf table in bedroom


At first glance you will not find bookshelves that interfere with the view. Combining a bed table with a bookshelf underneath, this idea is very practical for those of you who want a spacious room.

8. Tree bookshelf


If you are bored with the usual design of a bookshelf, try turning it into a tree shape. In addition to being unique, the tree bookcase also has more shelves to store your collection of books.

9. DIY Ladder bookshelf


Ladder bookshelf is one of our favorite DIY projects. You only need a ladder made of wood and then place it in the area you need. Decorate with ornaments or repaint to make it more attractive.

10. Barcart bookshelf


The bar cart from IKEA is an easy storage place for any item, and using it as a bookshelf is no exception.

11. Home office with bookshelves


Working from home requires a cozy home office to accommodate all your work. Combine a home office with a bookshelf decor on the wall. You can easily save and find exactly what you need.

12. TV wall with bookshelf


This is a TV wall set that blends into a bookshelf. This area can be a fun entertainment zone for families.

13. Corner bookshelf


For small spaces or limited areas, a bookshelf design in the corner of the room is a practical solution that will save space.

14. Wall mounted bookshelf


Installing a bookshelf on the wall is also the best idea for a narrow room. In addition, this bookcase idea will make your walls look more interesting.

15. Understair bookshelf


Take advantage of the empty area under the stairs to become a stylish bookshelf. In addition to saving space, under stairs bookshelf can also be a fun home library.

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