February 26, 2024

21 Cool Fridge Magnet Photo Ideas You’ll Love


For us fridge magnets are not just sweeteners or refrigerator door decorations, they are more like reminders, family photos, to photos of the journey we have been through. If most people place fridge magnets with interesting shapes and colors, then I prefer to display various photo collections. Perhaps this is one of those easy DIY projects that you can make in just a few minutes but lends an extraordinary look to your décor. Even if you are a beginner because magnets are the best place to display your photo collection in a different way.

They are small, capable of capturing every precious moment so well, that you will always remember when you want to open the refrigerator door. From photo frames, Polaroids to miniature sized photo prints, you can try different styles and photography techniques on the fridge magnets you choose. In the following, we have collected some cool fridge magnet photo ideas that you should try at home!


How to make a simple fridge magnet photo

If you are into the world of photography then it will be very useful, but beginners can also display their photo collection on the refrigerator door. The easiest way is to display your own photo collection that you can take from a professional camera or smartphone, decorate it, and attach a magnet underneath. Believe me, it only takes a few minutes and a little effort to get the photo fridge magnet you want.


Stock up for DIY fridge magnet photos

Before you decide to embark on this DIY project, there are a few supplies you’ll need to make photo fridge magnets. Here I show only the four parts that are generally needed for assembly, such as magnets, surfaces, photos, and adhesive.

Magnet, this is the most important part and make sure you choose a magnet that is strong enough. The reason is that many people make the mistake of getting a magnet that isn’t strong enough, so it easily falls right off the surface.

Surface, almost anything can be made into a refrigerator magnet. My favorites are wooden circles or glass overlays, almost anything will work but make sure they have a flat surface to attach the magnets to your photo collection.

Photos, this décor is the centerpiece of our DIY project today. You can decorate your photos by adding unique frames, colors or layouts. Here you will find lots of inspiration that we have collected.

Adhesive, this part is also important because it serves to attach the magnet to your photo collection. So, make sure you choose a strong enough adhesive.

If you understand the outline, let’s see more fridge magnet photo ideas below!



















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