20 Aesthetic Window And Door Frame Paint Colors

blue astel window and door color frame

Every house definitely needs decoration to make it look more beautiful, including the color of windows and doors can have a big influence on the beauty of your house. That is why you have to choose the right color combination that suits the overall appearance both indoors and outdoors. You can also create its own character in each room, add contrasting colors to the window and door frames to become an accent that attracts attention. No need to hesitate when you want to choose a color combination, one of the easiest ways is to combine dark and light colors that still look harmonious. For example, choose a neutral color such as white as a wall that can match all other colors.

The color combination of the door and window frames actually makes the residence look unique. Unfortunately, some people often ignore this, so they tend to be careless in choosing the color of paint for door and window frames. In fact, determining the paint color for doors and windows is fairly easy. You just need to adjust it to the wall color so that it matches the concept of the room you have. Apart from that, good door and window color combinations are easy to find on the market. Below we have summarized several ideas for window and door paint color frames to make the room more aesthetic. Let’s see!

bright yellow window paint colors

Pilihan material bingkai pintu dan jendela

Sebelum anda memutuskan memilih kombinasi warna pintu dan jendela yang tepat, ketahui terlebih dahulu material yang paling sesuai dengan desain interior maupun eksterior anda. Kenali material sekaligus kelebihan dan kekurangannya seperti yang kami rangkum di bawah ini.

1. Bingkai Kayu

Kayu merupakan bahan yang paling populer digunakan untuk bingkai pintu maupun jendela. Bahan ini mampu memberikan kesan alami saat memasuki ruangan. Selain itu, bingkai kayu juga lebih mudah dibentuk dan disesuaikan. Jenis kayunya pun beragam menyesuaikan dengan keinginan anda. Jika tertarik memilih material kayu untuk bingkai, anda mungkin perlu melapisinya dengan cairan anti rayap untuk membuatnya lebih awet dan tahan lama.

2. Bingkai Alumunium

Jika anda mencari bahan yang awet dan tahan lama, material aluminium adalah pilihan yang bagus. Bahan ini tidak akan lapuk dimakan rayap seperti halnya kayu. Bobot dari alumunium juga terbilang sangat ringan dan mudah dibentuk. Sayangnya, bahan aluminum ini terbilang tipis sehingga udara luar mudah menyusup ke dalam. Biarpun memiliki ketahanan yang kuat, aluminum juga punya risiko rusak kalau kamu menutup pintu terlalu keras.

3. Fiberglass frame

Apart from aluminum, fiberglass material is also very strong as a frame for doors and windows. This material has better strength than vinyl and is also more resistant to weather changes. However, there is still the potential for cracks and damage if the door or window closes hard. Therefore, you need to be careful when opening and closing doors with fiberglass frames.

4. uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) Frame

It is a building material made from plastic that is made without plasticizers. This material is made with the addition of stabilizers and modifiers which make it harder and denser. This material could be an alternative for those of you who want to make strong door and window frames, but not made from metal.

fresh green kitchen window frame colors

Combination of window and door frame colors

Every material that we have discussed previously is easy to combine with various colors. To make the appearance of windows and doors more attractive, there are several color combination ideas that you can usually try, for example monochrome accents that like the look of neutral colors including black, white and gray. For those of you who want a natural atmosphere, choose a combination of brown and white for door and window frames. Apart from bringing a natural atmosphere, this color combination also displays a warm and minimalist impression.

Some people want their residence to look solid and classy, if you are one of them, combine gray and black which gives a classic yet modern impression. Or do you want an industrial look with a Japandi concept? combine brick red and black to highlight the stylish, bold style on the doors and windows. Another idea, combine blue and white for door and window frames which brings a bright, tropical and not too flashy feel. These two bright colors create the impression of a comfortable and calming home, as well as a vacation vibe.

Find more inspiration for window and door frame color combinations below!

blue accent door frame paint

red sliding door frame color

classic green window frame paint color

red glass door and wall frame color

window seating area with farme colors

cream glass and wall frame color

red door divider frame paint color

natural brown door and window frame color ideas

light blue sliding door and wall frame color

bright green window frame color ideas

cool black window frame color ideas

red door frame color

pastel pink door and window frame color

yellow glass wall and door frame color

rustic window frame color paint

black window frame color with seating areas

minimalist blue window frame color in the kitchen

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