7 Easy Ways To Create Amazing Christmas Decor


As the new year approaches, that means Christmas and New Year are getting closer. For those of you who celebrate it, Christmas is of course the most anticipated holiday season every year. Not only is it a moment to gather with family, but Christmas seems to bring joy to those who celebrate it.

It is common for homeowners to decorate and decorate their rooms with a Christmas theme. Apart from beautifying the room, this activity also provides quality time with the family at home. Starting from placing a Christmas tree, putting up wall decorations, creating Christmas DIY ideas, making Christmas gingerbread cookies, and many more which are definitely fun to do together.

However, it turns out that there are still many people who don’t know how to decorate for Christmas properly. So, in this post I want to inspire you on how to easily decorate for Christmas, as well as solutions for getting the latest Christmas style.


Christmas is almost everywhere, from shops, restaurants, even the street lights you pass on your way home. Of course, you can also bring the joy of Christmas into your home. For those of you who can’t wait for Christmas this year, there are several things you must have to have a special Christmas moment. Below are some Christmas decoration guides and ideas that you can choose as a reference. Let’s take a look!

1. Christmas tree


We are sure you have often read that Christmas trees are mandatory decorations at every Christmas and holiday celebration. This is not entirely true, but Christmas without a Christmas tree would feel bland. You can put the Christmas tree in the corner of the room so it becomes the center of attention. Decorate with your favorite ornaments, for example ribbons, twinkling lights, DIY Christmas hangers, and other Christmas ornaments.

2. Wall decoration


Don’t want your Christmas decorations to feel monotonous? Try decorating empty wall areas with various beautiful Christmas ornaments. Hang a Christmas advent calendar to count down to the festive day. Apart from calendars, you can also display garlands, mirrors framed with Christmas decorations, or hang DIY Christmas-themed posters and paintings.

3. Table flower arrangements and candles


The Christmas party is always the main event. To make it feel even more Christmasy, place a flower arrangement in the middle of the main table as part of the table decoration. Also complete with Christmas candles of various sizes on the table so that the atmosphere feels more romantic.

4. Sofa pillows and blankets


The sofa is a comfortable place to gather with family at Christmas. So, it is important to decorate your chairs or sofa with Christmas themed pillows. Choose pillows with Christmas trees, stars or Christmas sayings on them. You can also throw a blanket in a Christmas color scheme such as red or green to give it a warm touch.

5. Christmas miniatures


If you want to beautify the room with a unique Christmas touch, decorate the table or cupboard with Christmas themed miniatures. Starting from miniature Christmas trees, Santa Claus, or other small Christmas decorations. Also refresh it with holly tree branches or mini trees among the Christmas decorations that you display.

6. Christmas rug


Rugs make any room feel warm and comfortable during the holiday season. You can choose a red or green carpet on the living room floor to add a Christmas touch. If you don’t like the traditional color scheme, you can add to the fireplace decor with colorful Christmas ornaments. Another idea, use simple decoration with a pile of pillows in a basket placed next to the sofa.

7. Music and light


To make the Christmas atmosphere feel more relaxed and calming, you can install a music player or recoated vinyl to play Christmas songs that are pleasant to listen to. To make the atmosphere more dramatic, add Christmas lights or LED candles in the room to create a warmer atmosphere.

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